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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news" marijuana experts descend on philadelphia for the city's first ever conference on the business of cannabis. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. pennsylvania's medical marijuana law has created a brand new type of industry and a whole lot of people are trying to get in on the ground level.
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"eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is at the conference center in olde city, the conference where organizers tell us the potential for profits really is sky high. >> reporter: even from up close, this appears like any other tech conference because, well, it is. >> this is an industry like any other industry that wants to operate in the open, that wants to operate with transparency. >> reporter: medicinal marijuana professionals melt in olde city for philadelphia's first ever cannabis business conference with the focus on innovation. >> we provide equipment and solutions lighting. we'rlighting. >> we allow patients to look at existing studies done on cannabis so they can understand how they can engage in that conversation with their doctor. >> reporter: this is two of more than a dozen companies represented today. all have been banking on expanding into pennsylvania and as of april 17th have now
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pulled the trigger. marijuana is a tricky industry. take what happened in new york for example. >> what happened? >> they spent millions of dollars got their licenses and only about 2,000 patients are approved. >> reporter: that's why the majority of those we spoke with don't actually grow the plant or operate a dispensary. they say the best opportunities for getting involved may have very little to do with marijuana. >> people ran out to dig for gold, a lot of them didn't make money but the people selling picks and shovels and levi's jeans made a fortune. >> reporter: taking the gold rush and applying it to the so-called green rush. now, if you still are interd in the idea of opening a dispensary it is complicated but we'll go deep here in that tonight at 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock. alexandria hoff cbs news. >> tens of thousands of runners making final preparations for the big broad street are run tomorrow. the race steps off tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock at the corner of broad and west fisher avenue. it will finish at the navy
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yard. the race runs right through the heart of the city and that means plenty of road closures and bus detours as well tomorrow. and it also looks like runners will have to contend with probably some nasty weather at the starting gun. meteorologist lauren casey is in our weather center with what we can expect for that big day tomorrow. lauren. >> unfortunately not just at the start of the race but throughout the race we'll be dealing with wet weather. temperatures right now, they are cool. 60 degrees in philadelphia, cooler than average. 54 degrees down the shore thanks to the easterly wind in atlantic city but those east winds giving us some sunshine down the shore right now, a nice dose of sunshine with that cloud deck eroding off to the west but we're still locked in in the clouds in philadelphia especially up into the lehigh valley and poconos. showers starting to work into parts of baltimore and d.c. but a big swath of moisture is up wind at this time barreling its way off to the north and east and we're going to be contending with this unfortunately the worst timing is going to be for the broad
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street run. so, runners and spectators prepare for a steady rain even heavy at times throughout the duration of the race. of course the race kicks off at 8 o'clock in the morning. the rain will be coming down. temperatures a bit cool as well. 50 degrees. nice pies of the forecast it won't be windy. east winds only at around 5 miles per hour but you'll need all that rain gear especially for the runners tomorrow but hey, i think they deserve an extra plate of past tax maybe a nice cocktail after the run, even extra one, natasha, after having to deal with all this rain and there's more rain in the forecast and i'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. sounds good. thank you so much lauren. see you soon. now, the philadelphia tradition that's becoming an international event actually, the 122nd annual penn relays under right now in university city. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh was with the athletes at franklin field. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a sure springtime competition returned to the university of pennsylvania campus this weekend. >> this is a tradition.
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>> reporter: from had your dells to high judge, the penn relays brought together athletes from all corners of the track and field sport. >> win this, you know. i just come here to make my coach and myself proud mine family. >> once you hit that big pole and it launches you there's no better feeling than that. >> reporter: organizers say the event draws crowds of up to 100,000 people each year. >> it keeps getting better and better. crowds getting pretty behind, pretty involved. it's awesome. >> reporter: monica moore is one fan clearing from the stands but she used to compete to the track for temple university. now she gets to watch her son morgan run for savannah state university. >> now i get a chance to share this with my son so it's awesome. >> reporter: though these athletes say they're here to win they say there's also a lesson in every hurdle. >> when you miss one you can come back and show them that it was a mess-up and you can power through it and overcome. >> reporter: saturday marks the last day of the 122nd penn relays but there was something different this year. runners got to compete on a
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brand new track. reporting at franklin field, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and also it was a record breaking performance at the penn relays for 100-year-old ida keeling. she broke the 100-meter dash record in the women's 80 years and older divisions so congratulations. >> reporter: now u.s. health officials meantime describe prescription drug addiction as a national health crisis and today is national prescription drug take back day. more than 5,000 collection sites were available today all around the country including this firehouse at 23rd and market. people could bring their prescriptions in and give them away no questions asked. officials wanted to dispose of expired prescription drugs safely so they don't fall into the wrong hands. the biggest threat powerful opioid painkillers. >> we're 5 percent of the world's population. we consume 99 percent of the world's hydrocodone and about 80 percent of the world's oxycodone and we know that there is a very clear path
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from opioid abuse to heroin abuse because four out of five new heroin users started on pills. >> according to the drug enforcement agency 47,000 people die every year to drug overdoses. now one teenager is dead, another injured after a carnival ride accident in el paso, texas. police say the girls were on a spinning ride called the sizzler when they were somehow thrown out of it. the teenager was killed when she hit a metal barricade. police say these karen values are regulated by state statutes. >> there's inspections that are required. whether or not this vendor is up to par with that, it hasn't been determined. that will be revealed in the investigation. >> investigators are also now looking into what caused the malfunction. and another amusement park incident, this ferris wheel suddenly just caught fire. it happened in bangkok thailand. fortunately no one was on the ride at the time when those flames broke out.
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the fire started shortly after an afternoon thunderstorm rolled through that area. the republican presidential candidates are focusing on indiana and california this weekend. in addition to courting voters, ted cruz and donald trump are making appeals to republican leaders as well and some are choosing sides. cbs news correspondent brook silva-braga has more. >> reporter: a surprise endorsement. former california governor pete wilson backing ted cruz. >> announce you to my wholehearted endorsement. >> reporter: it's cruz's second boost in two days. in a new online ad titled time of choosing, a cruz super pac touts mike pence's vote of confidence but pence refrain fred criticizing trump and many republicans are now convinced he'll win the nomination. tennessee congressman jimmy duncan endorsed the republican frontrunner on saturday. friday protestors many opposed to trump's immigration positions blocked his arrival
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at the california gop convention forcing trump to arrive on foot. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence and -- oh, boy, felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> reporter: in a tweet saturday he called the protestors thugs and criminals. many are professionals. he wrote john kasich responded to the incident with a call for inclusion. >> do the republicans actually think that they can win an election by scaring every hispanic in this country to death. >> reporter: trump's delegate lead of more than 300 puts him on pace to clinch the nomination if he can win in indiana on tuesday and california in early june. brook silva-braga for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> to kenya where officialsly publicly burned more than a hundred tons of poached elephant ivory and rhino horns. dignitaries led by the nation's president set the fire this morning at nairobi national park. they say they're macing a stronger push than ever to
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stop poachers. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news," a shocking race car crash all of it caught on camera. where this happened and how the driver of that car is doing today. plus, on bended knee a unique marriage proposal in our area. find out the unusual length one pennsylvania man went for his love, his true love. lauren. >> we saw a little bit of sunshine peeking through today but i hope you're able to take it all in 'cause sunshine is going to be sparse with a very unsettled weather pattern as we led into the next week and i'll let you know which days you'll need the umbrella in your forecast coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports final day of the nfl draft. who did the eagles pick? lesley van arsdale has the details. stay with us. back in a moment.
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>> caught on camera this hot rod crash in texas leaves a pro racer way broken arm but it could have been much worse as you can see there. sidney fragdo lost control of his turbo charged corvette at a race way 35 minutes or so east of houston. he was air listed to a hospital for surgery but is expected to recover. will ferrell has reportedly backed out of an upcoming comedy where he was set to play former president ronald reagan. ferrell was going to portray reagan as he developed dementia. it created a a firestorm of controversy with the reagan
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family publically imploring ferrell not to use the debilitating disease for a comedy. a spokesperson for ferrell sales the 48-year-old is no longer with this project. a chopper gets much more than she -- shopper gets much more than she bargained for during a trip to the king of prussia mall. andrew fray dropped to one knee proposed to his give crystal flora this afternoon and as her two sons and shoppers looked on it was quite the spectaclely he drove from harrisburg to pop the question. the surprise marriage proposal at the fountain in the plaza was shared over the mall's pa system actually. to all the shoppers lots of folks saw it and the bride to be is exciteed. >> i didn't know what was going on. i told him is there going to be a celebrity here or what are they all doing here? >> it's you. >> and i kept saying come on, let's go, let's go and he's like no, no, we're going to walk through here. i'm total in shock, i am. i'm so happy. >> well, the engaged couple received a $250 gift package
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from victoria's secret. halls of the philadelphia greater expo center is full of legos. 25,000 people are attending brick fest. the fun kicked off in oaks montgomery county. this show dedicated entirely to legos and legos creations. takes up 150,000 square feet of space. brick fest loves tomorrow. i was never good we lego. >> i always loved legos. i'm a lego expert, sky scrapers no big deal. i don't mean to pat myself on the back but -- >> so lots of -- at least a glimmer of hope today with the sun. >> a little glimpse. hope you were able to soak it in. >> that's a wrap? is it over. >> as we head into the next week we'll be dealing with a much more unsettled weather pattern especially for tomorrow. i know it's really poor timing with the broad street run, a lot of people want to go out support their runners, their family members but we'll be dealing with rain that will be
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steady and heavy at times and kind of an ominous looking scene but dry condition cans right now in center city philadelphia, those low clouds in place after we did get a couple of rays earlier in the day. our temperature 60 degrees. we are below average but that south wind is pumping in the moisture. temperatures pretty cool across the region, 57 degrees in allentown, 50 in mount pocono. temperatures down the shore even a little bit cooler. 51 right now in ocean city all thanks to that easterly breeze off the ocean. ocean temperature right now 52 degrees. but we are seeing more in the way of sunshine right now down the shore sunshine breaking out sea isle city, atlantic city. where you see that cloud deck still very persistent as close as south jersey up into philly, lehigh valley and into the poconos and then off to the south and west we have harbingers of what's to come as we head into tonight and through the day tomorrow, this wide area of precipitation continuing to advance off the north and east and all of that moisture will be moving into
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our backyard as we head into tonight, but we do need the rainfall. our rainfall deficit since march first, over three and a half inches, rainfall deficit so far this month closing in on 2-inches, so we need the april showers to bring in our may flowers with may right around the corner. and overnight tonight areas of rain develop, 48 degrees so a bit chilly tonight. light breezes tomorrow, wind speeds stay under 10 miles per hour. that is the good part of the forecast. temperatures still running below average and rain heavy at times especially as we head into the morning hours. that's when we're going to see the steadiest of the rainfall. so what to expect? a very soggy sunday in store. amounts about a half inch to maybe a quarter of an inch in some spots and not even going rule out an embedded thunderstorm. so, future weather going to show us we are dry into the evening hours. so if you have those saturday evening plans, you're looking all right. but as we head past midnight, the rain starts to build in especially north and west of the city. by tomorrow morning, 8 o'clock, broad street run, that rain is going to be coming down in center city
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philadelphia and some pockets of heavier rain. as we head into lunchtime, still dealing with periods of rain, maybe a lull into the afternoon hours but then rain returns as we head into the evening hours a chance of a rumble of thunder. as we head into monday morning, some spotty showers around. kind of have more in the way of hit or miss showers on monday but we could see a few thunderstorms popping as we led into the second half of monday afternoon. future weather showing us that with some bull's eyes of heavier red monday with daytime heating. future weather amounts, as we head into the day tomorrow just giving us about .4 of an inch. i think we'll see more than that. monday even more wet weather in store from with those rainfall totals surpassing an inch in some spots and we'll be dealing with this unsettled weather pattern as we head into next week for a good portion for the first half of may because of this persistent
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trough in place and also temperatures are going to be about average but we're not going to be cruising well above average. we do that just a bit on wednesday. 72 degrees, our average right now is in the upper 60's to near 70 degrees. you're going to need your umbrella really every day of the week. the driest day looks like wednesday time before more rain moves in wednesday night. thursday is looking pretty wet. so -- >> seriously rain every day. >> every day dealing with some rain. we'll make up for the deficit at least. >> okay, well, one whole week. thank you lauren. lesley's got sports highlights. draft is over. >> last day of the draft. one local guy getting accident happened up. eagles had five picks today. so far they have picked another offensive lineman running back safety cornerback and defensive lineman. in the fifth round eagles picked running back wendell small wood from west virginia, the wilmington delaware native led the big 12 in rushing last year and ran a 4:46, 40-yard
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today. he was arrested for witness intimidation case but charges were dropped. eagles say they felt comfortable choosing small wood. >> didn't do anything wrong. went to see a fellow and there was no indication that anything he did was wrong in that. the school did its own investigation as well briefly into the team. he was put out at the face of the team for media day at west virginia when he talked to the people and from doing our own research we felt comfortable about him. >> so far no team has drafted temple linebacker tyler matakevich. he won the chuck bednarik award as the best defensive player in the country. he was expected to be draft node later than the fifth round. a couple of his teammates were picked however. defensive lineman matt went into the fifth round to washington. jerad eickhoff takes the
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mound for the phillies tonight when they take on the indians. fightans on a four game winning streak. they're three games above .500 for the first time since 2012. one of the reasons they're playing so well has been their pitching. last night they struck out 18 indians. the phillies led the majors in strikeouts. they have the fifth best era from the national league right now. ryan howard coming through in the 11th. crushing this pitch into the stands in right. marlon byrd just kind of turning and watching it go. it's his the big fella's first walkoff homer in almost two years. >> got down early, came right back at them. just we've been just playing good baseball. >> it's been a total team effort. you know, morgan came in, stepped in for us, had the one rough inning but did very well. bullpen came in and picked them up. we picked them up with the bats. it's been a total team effort. it's been fun. >> second place union facing san jose. thirtieth minute chris pontius with the header that goes into
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the goal. the earthquake scored late in the second half. that game is ending in a one-one tie. black cat ran out from the san jose sharks bench onto the ice last night before game one between the predators and sharks. yes, putting a jinx on the preds. san jose scored five times in the third period and beat nashville five-two in game one of the western conference semifinals. >> where did the cat come from? was a door opened? i don't get it. >> the jinx. >> the jinx. >> oh, boy, those black cats, man. stay with us still to come on "eyewitness news" a celebration of all things science in philly. see the explosive demonstration t
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. the philadelphia science festival wrapped up way big bang today. [cheers and applause] >> that looks like fun, right? 12 trash cans exploded into the airy leasing powder across the great plaza at penn's landing all part of the science carnival thanks to the franklin institute hundreds of children and their parents were able to experience interactive experience, hands-on science activities and plenty of music and food to go along.
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>> keep those umbrellas handy. >> yeah, we stay dry this evening but rain tonight. >> for all of us here we appreciate you joining us. we're always on
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>> axelrod: deadly storms sweep through the south. a grandmother and four grandchildren drown in floodwaters. tornadoes tear across texas and oklahoma. anti-trump protests turning violent. are these tactics actually helping donald trump? a state of emergency in iraq after protesters storm parliament. piles of ivory set on fire in kenya. a dramatic statement to save the elephants. and scout's honor, regardless of religion. >> we need to put ourselves out as just we're normal people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. deep floodwaters threaten the deep south tonight. a wave of intense thunderstorms


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